Tulsa Computer Repair Services

Tulsa Computer Repair has offered fast, reliable, and affordable repairs to homes and small businesses for over twenty years. We have customers all over Oklahoma, out of state, and even a few other countries because the word has spread. Call us today!

NOTICE: Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, onsite services are limited but REMOTE SUPPORT is always available. We look forward to helping you today. Call us today for a consultation or to schedule an appointment.

Do you have a misbehaving PC or Mac? What about annoying pop-ups or suspicious ads? Do you smell smoke or hear strange sounds from inside your computer? That’s not a problem because we can fix that! But if you see flames, you should probably call the fire department first.

Our rates are reasonable because we never charge high fees or have hidden charges. We’re upfront with our charges before the work begins. REMOTE LOGIN support is an option for those quick-to-fix problems. You can even watch us work every step of the way but most people find this boring. 

Let Tulsa Computer Repair fix your computer problems today!

You have choices!

Tulsa Computer Repair recommends Ubuntu LinuxUbuntu Linux is free! You can download and share it with friends and family because it’s Open Source software. It’s fast, free, and easy to use. You can even download it, burn it to disc, and use it without installing it to your computer. Download the latest LTS version of Ubuntu, for desktop PCs and laptops. LTS stands for long-term support — which means five years of free security and maintenance updates, guaranteed.

Tulsa Computer Repair supports Apple macOS CatalinamacOS Monterey is Apple’s newest operating system which has the latest features and strongest security. Big Sur is free in the App Store for compatible Macs. Connect, share, and create like never before. Say hello to new FaceTime updates. Explore a redesigned Safari. Discover and invent new ways to work using Universal Control and Shortcuts. Stay in the moment with Focus and so much more.

Tulsa Computer Repair supports Microsoft Windows 10Microsoft Windows 11 is the next client operating system from Microsoft and is built on the same foundation as Windows 10. If you use Windows 10, then Windows 11 is a natural transition and update to what you know, and what you’re familiar with.