Tulsa Computer Repair Services

NOTICE: Because of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, onsite services are strictly limited and will be rescheduled for a later time. REMOTE SUPPORT is always available and we look forward to solving your computer issues.

Tulsa Computer Repair provides computer repair, upgrades, networking, and much more all at very reasonable rates. We also offer REMOTE support services for those quick-to-fix problems!

Tulsa Computer Repair is dedicated to focusing on excellent customer service by providing the most reliable, affordable and efficient computer repair services for the home and small business computer user. Our rates are set to fit any budget and are among the most reasonable in the area. Quality, reliability and peace-of-mind however, are not compromised.

Our dedication to providing a solution to your computer issues is unsurpassed.

You do have choices!

Ubuntu Linux is and always will be free of charge, no licensing fees. You can download, use and share Ubuntu with your friends, family, school or business for absolutely no charge. Fast, free and incredibly easy to use, the Ubuntu operating system powers millions of desktop PCs, laptops and servers around the world.

macOS Catalina is Apple’s current operating system. Apple wants all Mac users to experience the latest features, the most advanced technologies, and the strongest security. Mojave is a free download from the App Store, so it couldn’t be easier to get. Mojave is another major leap forward for the Mac.

Microsoft Windows 10 is the most current operating system from Microsoft. It’s designed to improve the performance of your PC, so it’s faster, more secure, and more reliable. Microsoft designed Windows 10 to simplify the things you do every day, work the way you want, and make some exciting new things possible.