About Us

Tulsa Computer Repair
(918) 519-3517

Tulsa Computer Repair provides onsite computer repair, using quality computer parts and supplies. We offer, for purchase, top grade OEM computer parts, genuine OEM computer software, custom built computer systems, custom built gaming computers, software upgrades, computer hardware upgrades and much more.

Tulsa Computer Repair provides most services on-site, but does have a private workshop that is not open to the general public in the instance your personal computer requires more extensive repair.

We offer these products and services, plus much more!

- Onsite computer repair
- Computer hardware upgrade
- Computer software upgrade
- Custom built desktop computer system
- Custom built gaming computer system
- Computer software training
- Home PC networking
- Small business PC networking

....we're dedicated to focusing on excellent customer service by providing the most reliable, affordable and efficient products and services for the home and small business computer user....